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Vincent Payne #584675

~ Honey Love ~

Everything you breathe in,
You give back with life.
When I look inside of my heart and soul,
I see a perfect mirror image of you upon it.
Life has meaning when it’s lived in your wake.
Walking holding hands,
Knowing we’re more than just friends.
I always knew from the beginning,
That with you, life’s a dream come true.
And like a bee to a slow drip of honey,
I’ll forever love you…

~ Carnation Rose ~

Sweet Delicate Rose,
I yearn for the illustrious sight of your vibrant petals,
To feel the smooth and sharp sensation of your vivacious stem and thorns,
As I pluck you from Eden’s Garden at the break of dawn.
Lifting you towards my face, I can taste the amorous aroma of your fragrance,
Dewdrops fall moist and mist against my hands,
While I walk with you across the land.
On our way, we take our time and I speak,
“No one holds quite such a place in me”,
“Love is more than the emotion we feel and seek”,
~ Assuring every action intended to be,
When we get there I’ll lie you in a vase of your own,
Then marvel at your beauty every day in astonishment,
As I take care of you, in our new home.
My Sweet Delicate Rose.



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