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Wonzey Saffold #413926

Alive and Very Well

If I told you what my life was like, you probably think I was lyin’.
If I told you the type of adversity that I had to endure jus to become the man that I am today; you’ll probably think that it’s impossible for me still to be sitting here, “Yet I am alive and very well”.
Jus the thoughts of some of the things I went through; comes with a price that 90% of people couldn’t afford.
I still remember some nights not havin’ shxx, wakin’ up cold on the floor; clutchin’ on my tooly beggin’ God for one more…Holdin’ my head face full of rain; force to keep movin’, jus to keep from going insane.
“Yet I’m still here, alive and very well”.
Often times I felt like I could neva trust again, could neva love again; couldn’t see myself leavin’ the hood, couldn’t put the past behind me, even though the ones that really cared stated that it’ll be good.
“Yet I’m alive and very well”.
I don’t regret the past because it helped mold me into the man that I am today. Couldn’t give up too fast; for if I did, I would have neva won the race.
Although physically I might be in prison, mentally I’m doing very well…Not jus street smart but book smart as well. And to those that counted me out at my lowest…
Know that despite all; “I’m very alive and doing very well”.
Written by: D.S. Low



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