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JPay is a privately held company located in Miramar, Florida that contracts with many government agencies. The company has contracts with many state Departments of Correction, county jails, and some private prisons. JPay's inmate services include money transfers, email communication, tablets for inmates, video visitation, and parole and probation payment solutions to inmates incarcerated in select facilities that have JPay contracts. We have provided this section to provide some of the more commonly asked questions we receive about this JPay.



Frequently Asked Questions About JPay:

1) What is the phone number of JPay?

JPay provides a phone number and several other forms of contact on their website. However, visitors often report long wait times. You can try using JPay's Help section before you attempt to contact them. You can also use the forum links below.

2) How do I setup a JPay account for an inmate?

We are asked frequently asked this question, and the answer is that you actually set up the account for you. You are then able to contact inmates who have access to JPay. You can register here.

3) How do I log in to JPay?

If you already have an account, just visit their login page.

4) How can I send an inmate money with JPay?

Once you have established an account, you can send money here.

5) How long does it take an inmate to receive my message once it's been sent?

Typically, no more than 1-2 full days. However, issues can arise suddenly and often in a prison. This could delay your mail longer.

6) Does JPay have an app I can download on my phone?

Yes, JPay has apps for Android, Google and iTunes.

7) Does JPay charge a fee?

Yes. All of JPay services are fee-based. You or the inmate will need to cover the costs associated with using JPay.

8) What is JPay's address?

JPay prefers you contact them using their website. If you must send something via postal mail, their address is:

12864 Biscayne Blvd STE 243
North Miami, FL 33181-2007



Official Links:

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