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Life Sentence Prison Pen Pals

You are viewing all of the inmates featured on who are currently serving a life sentence. While there may be exceptions to the prisoners listed below, this often means the inmate will serve their entire life in prison. If you are interested in writing to a prison pen-pal serving a life sentence, please select one from the list below.

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Kilsey Shearrill #B79268Primary Picture
Pontiac, Illinois43Straight
African AmericanChristian

Excuse me Ms.….Yeah you….May I please have your attention for a minute of two?  I just want to introduce myself accordingly.

Hi, I'm Kilsey :)  I'm a 42 y.o. single black male, standing 5’9” tall, weigh 243 lbs., and stocky as hell.  I've been told I'm handsome, but Momma, Aunties and Grannie gotta tell me that kind of stuff, right? LOL  Be that as it may, I'm...

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John Bragg #A215-337Primary Picture
Grafton, Ohio59Straight

Hey everybody,

My name is John and I am looking to meet some new people from all walks of life.  I am quite open-minded and appreciate diversity also.  I stay busy and have a lot of different interests and things that I do.  A bit of an artist, I airbrush and paint, all different subject matter, but personally, I enjoy painting wildlife.  I also do woodwork and I...

Elijah  Lucero #01819349 - Primary Picture
Gatesville, Texas38Straight

Welcome to Eli’s Message. May you find yourselves at this present time in the highest of spirits. Infinite thank you’s to all who take the time to read this message.

If it isn’t by accident that you find yourself reading this, perhaps it could be by curiosity. Whichever it may be, I’m grateful for both your curiosity or by your running into it by accident. For without either, this...

Erik Gonzalez #01217030 - Primary Picture
Iowa Park, Texas32Straight

Hi! Thank you for checking out my profile.

My name is Erik and I'm looking for a friend out there who can understand my type of circumstances. Someone who can have an open mind about life and challenge me intellectually. I'm a very positive and outgoing person, I love sports, love to exercise and be healthy. I especially love music, that's a big plus in here. I hold individuality in...

Justin Koch #A725-982 - Primary Picture
London, Ohio22Straight

Hi! My name is Justin, I'm 22 years old.

I like playing basketball, watching sports, and just becoming a better person. I like to stay busy. I'm intelligent, confident, respectful, and easy going with a sense of humor. I have made mistakes but that doesn't define who I am.

Tony Maurice Belfield #T-30890 - Primary Picture
Susanville, CaliforniaStraight
African AmericanOther

Hello there, special lady. My name is Tony Maurice Belfield, but people call me "Tone Bone" or "Tone" for short. First let me start by saying that I honestly appreciate the opportunity you've given me to introduce myself and hopefully one day we will be able to meet in person. I am in hopes of gaining a new friend, even as a platonic friend.

As for myself, I am maintaining to the best...

Ivan Bechtol #434465 - Primary Picture
Ionia, Michigan36Straight

Hello, my name is Ivan Bechtol. I am an incarcerated student, mentor, tutor, and teacher, but most importantly, I am a lifelong learner.

In my free time I enjoy playing the guitar and piano, along with drawing and painting.

I am looking for a female companion who I can write and talk to about life, goals, and dreams - to dive deep within our inner selves, to discover a more in...

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Youngstown, Ohio27Straight
African AmericanChristian

It took me a while to actually get on this website, but I'm here!  I'm looking for a friend, someone I can build with on every good thing life has to offer.  I love poetry, philosophy, writing, fitness, but most of all to joke around once I get comfortable.

Life to me is about growth, love and understanding.  A good support system can enhance all of the above.  So,...

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David Ellis #218987 - Primary Picture
Jackson, Michigan48Straight
African AmericanBaptist

Hello, my name is David. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I am 48 years old doing a life sentence. I’m waiting to hear back from the courts to regain my freedom for I am not that man anymore. Let me tell you about me; I am honest, respectful, and kind-hearted. I believe education is the key to success. I have made good use of my time, I have earned my g.e.d., I have taken...

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Shawn McCollum #167754 - Primary Picture
Stillwater, Minnesota45Straight

Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time?

Now that you are here – I hope you’ll be willing to go a little further and write/e-mail me to get to know me.

Who knows, we may have a lot in common, you’ll never know until you write.

So shoot a line, have a couple of laughs at my expense and hope to hear from you.



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Robert R. Martin #A344-764 - Primary Picture
Mansfield, Ohio40Straight
African American

What’s going on?

To any and everyone that has taken a moment to review my profile - I appreciate you!  Basically my purpose for being here is to meet new people and establish friendships.

Some of my interests involve; travel, business, activism, bodybuilding, learning new languages and pit bulls.  I consider myself to be strong willed with an even stronger mind....

Lindell Sample #142595Primary Picture
Canon City, Colorado30Straight

Hi! I hope all is well with you. If you’re reading my profile then you’ve come across someone who is positive, optimistic and always looking forward to meeting people who want to converse with like-minded people. I enjoy music, art, reading and really getting to know people. Honesty is big and being surrounded by liars, cheats and gang members, it’s refreshing to really open up.

I’m on...

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Nicole Bradley #W-82508 - Primary Picture
Corona, California41Bi-sexual

Hello, my name is Nicole. I am looking for a genuine friend who is nonjudgmental and who will not abandon me. I’ve been incarcerated for the stupid decisions I made as a teen, but I am doing everything I can to learn from my mistakes and to become a better person. I’m truly in need of a friend who I can talk to, vent about what I’m going through and who may also be ale to help me with...

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Cumberland, Maryland28Straight

My name is Steven. I am 28  years old and I amd curently serving a Life sentence for First Degree Murder. I have been incarcerated for ten years now and am looking forward to Allah granting me an early release in the very near future.

I was raised in Randallstown, Marylqand, and the third son of loving parents. I have one sister and we are best of friends. My family means the...

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Wesley White #P38236Primary Picture
Ione, California53Straight

Dear ladies out there surfing the web, I hope when you see my photo you stop to see what I have to say. My name is Wesley, I’m from the Bay Area. In prison and also out there in the real world I’m also known as Whitey…

I’ve been single now for some years since my wife left. I didn’t put myself back there due to how I felt. I have nothing to offer to another woman but the dynamics have...

Cameron Watts #91198 - Primary Picture
Boise, IdahoStraight


I’m surrounded by idiots!  I’m looking to escape the everyday prison drama and have a mature conversation.  I’m hoping to connect with fun, positive, open and like-minded people.

I grew up on a ranch in East Texas and lived every little boys dream…Being a cowboy.  I love everything about the cowboy way of life and being a country boy (not to be confused...

Mark Horton #A440-516Primary Picture
Marion, Ohio38Straight
African AmericanChristian

I'm 6'0, 210lbs, and I love reading books that stimulate my mind and help me grow and develop in every area of my life. I love working out because it relieves a lot of unnecessary stress and tension. Who doesn't want to look good and feel good on a consistent basis? I also like to lay back and listen to my music and write poetry which is like a form of therapy for my mind, heart, and...

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Christopher Jones #V61973Primary Picture
Corcoran, California34Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello ladies, and please no “Gentle-Men”! My name is Chris, I’m a single, straight man with no kids! Looking for a lady friend with an open and strong mind. Someone I can vibe with to the mat, someone I can really call a friend and confidante. You know, a real companion!

A few things about me to curve your curiosity! I’m from a small city in Northern California called Pittsburg. I...

Valentino Facey #W93004 - Primary Picture
Shirley, Massachusetts34Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

First off…thank you for taking time out of your precious day to read my profile. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for in a friend after reading this! (smiling)

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Valentino Facey.  I’m 33 years old, my...

Rodney Williams Sr. #02212867Primary Picture
Houston, Texas32Straight

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rodney Kevin Williams, Sr. I am seeking open minded and down to earth pen pals to write. I am not so concerned with age, sex, race, sexual orientation, religion etc. I just want cool people to write to talk about anything and everything.

My stats: I am 31 as of March. I am 5...

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David Breaux #A02270 - Primary Picture
Galesburg, Illinois64Straight

“Attention All Responders”

All Illinois prisons require that a return address be present on all mail or it can be confiscated. However, postal labels, stickers, even stamps are ripped off without regard for inmates needing the return address inside within your letter. Also, glitter, perfume and lipstick are prohibited.

Pen Pals needed.

If you are single, married, 4’ or...

Gladys Perez #1029739Primary Picture
Las Vegas, Nevada37Straight

Fairy Tale Beginning?

I’m looking for a guy with just the right amount of energy, spark, edge and ambition for a better, happy future. I need someone who is always up for a new adventure but keeps his goals and responsibilities top of mind. I like guys with a stylish, successful and charismatic edge that is sure to grab my attention. One who can complete me in ways I’ve never imagined...

Michael St. Jean #W105294 - Primary Picture
Gardner, Massachusetts28Straight
African AmericanProtestant

Hey There,

I’m a 27 year old that comes from a Haitian background who was born in Boston, Massachusetts but raised in Miami, Florida. Yes, I’m a Southern gentleman, looking for friends or even that special someone that’s willing to take time out of their day to get to know me for the person that I am and not who the State painted me out to be. I am a real compassionate, understanding,...

John Diaz #AV8442 - Primary Picture
Chowchilla, California29Straight

What's good? My name is Johnny and I'm 28 years old.  I'm from Madera, California, though at the very moment I find myself here in a state prison in California.

I am looking for someone to conversate, and maybe even vibe with.  Someone I can get to know on a first name basis and eventually share a lil face time with.  I am pretty chill, great sense of humor, with an easy...

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Jonathan Prather #KL8100 - Primary Picture
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania26Straight

My name is Jon. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I moved to PA in 2009 when I was 17 in hopes of having a fresh start, only it was a lot harder than I had managed.  I was arrested when I was 19, so all of my “growing up” has come since then.

My hobbies include reading, cooking, studying the law, and working out.  I'm currently a cook on the...