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You are viewing all of the inmates featured on who are currently serving a life sentence. While there may be exceptions to the prisoners listed below, this often means the inmate will serve their entire life in prison. If you are interested in writing to a prison pen-pal serving a life sentence, please select one from the list below.

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Daniel Jones #52594
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Lincoln, Nebraska37Straight

There are many ways I could start this, however, we don’t know each other and so a normal greeting would seem kind of odd. First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out my profile.

Hello, my name is Daniel Jones. I enjoy listening to music and writing, although it’s been hard trying to find a friend that can be there and listen to me, especially being an inmate with so...

Danny Varela #75816-004
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Jonesville, Virginia38Straight

I like to be in the company of positive people. I look forward to meeting people who wish to share the goals we have met in life. I believe that we all would love to be in the company of positive people, that have a positive outlook on life, and what's to come. Life is too precious for all the drama…so why stress for free?

I look forward to sharing our likes and dislikes. Me, I...

Phil Smallwood #02075979
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Iowa Park, Texas29Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

The moment I thought about joining this site, was the exact moment I started thinking about the “Hello” that would be coming sincerely to me; so I decided to dedicate this front page to say:

I’ve been praying for someone internally beautiful, because I keep my radio on the R&B and Country station which is soothing to the soul, so it would be nice to smile and make smiles without a...

Brian Whitfield #1060999
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Taylorsville, North Carolina30Straight

Hi, what are you looking for? Could I interest you in getting to know someone with a good sense of humor? Someone who is charismatic, enthusiastic about life, confident, and open minded? What about someone who is intelligent, appreciative, and open to the possibility of developing a meaningful, lasting friendship?

What if I told you this person has a broad range of interests from...

Jerry White #67872
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Carson City, Nevada39Straight

Hello, I'm glad you're taking the time to read my profile.  I've put off placing one of these ads for years because I had doubts whether anybody could truly care about someone in my situation, however, my loneliness has finally outweighed my doubts. 

I've always believed “laughter is the best medicine”, so I try to laugh a lot and make...

Raymond Martinez #D65469
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Susanville, California50Straight

Hello. I’m looking to correspond with anyone that is open minded and outgoing. I also like to draw and I can draw just about anything.

You can email me through, or use the contact information below.

I hope to hear from someone soon.

Devin  Murray #94250
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Indian Springs, Nevada32Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

Hello to who may read or be interested in knowing who I am. My name is Devin.  I’m 32 years of age, I’m a Taurus from Chicago, IL, and currently reside in Las Vegas, NV. I love all kinds of music-preferably r&b, big on sports, a big movie buff and I’m a bit of a nerd too.

I'm straight to the point, hoping or looking to make a connection with someone who is mature enough to look past...

Roberto Avila #01185050
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Rosharon, Texas32Straight

Hello, my name is Roberto and this is my first time on a pen pal site. Although I’m new to this I’m in hopes of making you smile and brightening your day.

To tell you a little about me, I love to make people smile and laugh. A quality trait of mine is patience and understanding, this has allowed me to be of some help to others. I’m a great listener and even if you’re having a bad day I...

Mark Pelfrey #06-B-4187
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Attica, New York38Straight
Native AmericanCatholic

My name is Mark, though some of my friends call me Blackfoot.  I am mixed or Multi-racial.  Couple of quick things about me.  I am a musician who plays several instruments.  I try to keep a good attitude toward life and could use a good friend to help with that and vice versa.  I guess you can say I know a little bit about a lot of...

Terrance Wilson #F00421
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Corcoran, California33Straight
African AmericanMuslim

I'm in search of a light; a light can give new way of seeing things.  Is there light in the person reading this? Today I stand a man full of wants and no obstacles being what made me happy, but for what made a real life possible for those around me. I grew up to be a father, friend, student, and Los Angeles Lakers fan :-)

I hope to bring all...

David Boyd #01731563
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Gatesville, Texas27Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

I’d like to introduce myself to all you universal Beauty Queens, of all races. I’m Lil Glen but I go by Glenaveli. Person with a Twin Nature is how I develop my essence. So when you let me into your heart, mind and soul you get a true funk double dose of me. A restless loyalty of potential chemistry, when you open up your door for me to your heart for me. It’s always deep, I am not a perfect...

Tyson Brooks #A400255
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Mansfield, Ohio36Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

Greetings and welcome to a devastating beauty that you do not want to miss. And a personality so gifted that you may be able to find some comfort, which is something along the lines of what I'm looking for; friends, associate's, or acquaintance. I'm very diverse and Universal, so it doesn't matter where you are from or ethics of race!

My Handsomeness is delightful; almond brown eyes,...

Julio Alvarez #P72099
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Corcoran, California37Straight

In this formal and genuine presentation of myself, I intend to convey my best qualities and a positive impression of who I am. In no way will I deceive, mislead, display any misrepresentation of my faith, vision, character or the integrity I value.

My name is “Cesar” preferably, 37 years young, 5’10”, 190 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, raised in Long Beach,...

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Justin Pharez Smith #2133023
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Abilene, Texas25Straight
African AmericanJewish

Greetings and salutations; I am Justin Pharez Smith, also known as a Bad Don. The Universe has finally introduced us and now it’s up to you to answer destiny’s call.  Life is about action, not excuses.  I am a promise to be fulfilled.  Interaction with me is akin to exploring uncharted territory.  Discovery of something new in the...

Turell Brown #A430061
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Grafton, Ohio35Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Turell and I pray that as you read this you are blessed in every area in life.  I'm honestly and wholeheartedly just looking for a friend.

I'm doing a significant amount of time, so I'm not in the greatest position in life to be anything more than just a friend, which I will be humbled by.

I'm a very positive individual.  I...

Manuel Garcia #F63433
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Ione, California33Straight

Future friend:  my name is Manuel Garcia, I’m a 32 year old straight young man, fluent in English and Spanish.  I have been serving a life sentence since I was a teen.  Now that the laws have changed I will have the chance to get out in a few more years.  So I want to get a head start at making friends.  Hopefully finding someone special I can share my conjugal visits...

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Kevin Vickers #01341119
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Huntsville, Texas33Straight

What’s Up?

Before anything, thank you for taking the time to check out my ad.  This is the first time I’ve ever been on a Pen-Pal social site but would like to give it a shot and see if I could find a marvelous female friend. 

So, basically I’m just a normal guy striving to find that happiness us human beings search for most of their lives.  Some people never...

Brandy Ely #W074016
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Dayton, Ohio32Bi-sexual

Hi, my name is Brandy Ely. I’m 32 years old. I’m currently incarcerated in Ohio. I’m from Columbus, Ohio originally. I’m 5’7”, 150 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes. I have 2 children (boys), they are my world and everything in it. I’m a yoga instructor. I love meditating, it’s very stimulating in a lot of ways. I love to work out and dance. I love to shop, also love cooking and am very good at...

Leslie Capers #00695161
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Tennessee Colony, Texas49Straight


Hello ladies,

Just a few lines to see if I can find me a lady friend. A little background, I was born in Pascagoula, Mississippi; raised out in the country. I’m a God-fearing man. I love the outdoors. I’m 6’2” and 200 pounds. I will be coming up on the big 50 on 6-10-19, not enjoying my life locked up; lonely and separated.

I made a big mistake in my early 20’s,...

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Derrick Waller #W101822
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South Walpole, Massachusetts33Straight


My name is Derrick and I am interested in Write A Prisoner’s website. I have been incarcerated for 7 years. Prison in itself is a lonely place and I am man enough to admit that having a pen pal to write is exactly what I’m looking for at this point in time. I am really easy to get along with but I share my own view on life which means I’m no “Yes Man”. I am an avid reader and I...

Adam Grimes #A641-878
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Leavittsburg, Ohio31Straight

Hello, my name is Adam and I'm looking for some friends.  I'm not interested in a romantic relationship or sexual talk.  I would like some normal conversation.

I am a loyal and honest person, despite my charges and past.  I've given up drugs and turned myself around.  Judge me for who I am and what I do now, not what I've done...

Olton Drake #AN3099
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Ione, California32

Hello World,

My name is “Vernell”. I’m 32 from the Los Angeles area. I’m introducing myself to this site in hopes to find someone to share my thoughts and opinions with on any level…We all need someone to talk to; communication is a key to life. I want to talk about everything – your past, your future, accomplishments, downfalls, regrets, talents...

Umar Salahuddin #W52991
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Bridgewater, Massachusetts45Straight
African AmericanSpiritual

In life we search constantly for things we feel help us fill a void in our lives.  Whether it’s love or friendship which I view it as the calling card of the human spirit, someone willing to listen and understand ones pain; someone not trying to gain something from you other than a whisper of hope.  If you’re searching is for someone with these qualities don’t click any further....

Steven Barbour #0571292
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Nashville, North Carolina38Straight

I’m a very open minded and versatile man; other cultures, a vast diversity of music, art and poetry intrigue me. I play bass in my church choir, but can play nearly any genre. My favorites to play are the Blues, Jazz and Motown. I was raised in an interracial family, so it is important to know that the only thing I hate is hate itself. I’m very caring...

Clinton E Page  #01382450
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Gatesville, Texas49Gay

My name is Eddie. I’m a gay man seeking long term friendships with anyone who enjoys being a pen pal.

I’m a tech geek but also an outdoorsy type who likes to work with his hands. I love reading, science fiction, fantasy, espionage and historical fiction as well as nonfiction. I enjoy role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons too. I’m very artistically creative and work in various...

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