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You are viewing all of the inmates featured on who are currently serving a life sentence. While there may be exceptions to the prisoners listed below, this often means the inmate will serve their entire life in prison. If you are interested in writing to a prison pen-pal serving a life sentence, please select one from the list below.

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Oscar Brown #GS4895 - Primary Picture
St. Petersburg, Florida33Straight

Thank you for reading my add!

A little bit about me; I love my work, I work as a certified peer specialist and in that role, I'm basically there to support someone in a time of need. If someone is stressed out or just wants to talk I'm there for them. I enjoy my work as a service dog trainer also and I love working with these dogs who hopefully will one day provide service to...

Kristopher Blehm #AB9529 - Primary Picture
San Luis Obispo, California34Straight

Hi, I’m Kris. I’m 33 and looking to make healthy friendships. I teach service dogs for veterans and first responders who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I enjoy writing and playing music and when the opportunity arises, learning new instruments. I play the guitar, bass, trumpet and I’m trying to learn drums. I’m active, exercise, jog and play sports.

I am honest, can be...

Mansfield, Ohio32Straight

Yo, what up! wubbalubbadubdubs! On the inter-dimensional interconnected human-constructed network of webs. A written letter is always appreciated but jpay is generally more convenient.

I've gotten myself into this predicament several years ago and I have several more to go unless unforeseen circumstances change. My time here is spent mostly in the library and training dogs. Much of my...

Stillwater, Minnesota38Straight


If you don't like to laugh and eat Cheetos then I'm not sure we could be friends?  Cheetos and laughing are two important things for living my best life.  But to be honest, I've spent around 19 years in prison never really trying to reach out for friendships beyond these walls due to my feeling it could be awkward and somewhat scary to open up to someone I don't know,...

Bedford Hills, New York56Straight

Hi, my name is Traci. I am looking for a pen-pal for friendship, letters, and possibly more.

I love to laugh, have fun, and am adventurous and spontaneous as well. I have a quick wit and am an avid reader (I have a BA). I also have an eclectic taste in music, love crossword puzzles, and any mind-challenging game.

I am looking forward to starting new connections and meaningful...

Coldwater, Michigan43Straight
African AmericanOther


My name is Mario.  I'm 43 years old, born in Detroit, Michigan.  I come from a loving family, currently a huge part of my life.  Although my parents are diseased, we all maintain a close relationship.  Family is important and so are good friends.

I've always loved animals.  Fortunately, the facility I'm in has a program that trains and socializes...

LeVar Aikens #532829 - Primary Picture
Bonne Terre, Missouri39Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello, my name is LeVar. I have been in prison for 2 decades – since I was 16. I am seeking good, positive company to build a solid foundation of friendship with. I value trust, honesty, and loyalty. I know what truly matters in life and it’s not anything physical or financial. Even though I’m in prison, I’m a great person to lean on and I don’t judge. We all make mistakes, it’s what we do...

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Angleton, Texas27Straight

I pray that while you read this you're blessed with good health & high spirits.

Hello, my name is Jorge Antonio Gallardo. I'm 27 years old, 5'8" with hazel brown eyes. I was born & raised in Houston, Tx. I've never been married nor have any children, although I do wish to have a family one day.

I've spent most of my adult life behind bars even though this is...

Max Ogas #120682 - Primary Picture
Florence, Arizona50Straight

Hey, Max here!  Ever wonder how someone spends twenty-two years in prison without going nuts or becoming angry and hateful?  I did it!  Ask me how, I’d be glad to tell you every day and how I got through it.  No kidding, a totally honest minute by minute account on how I became a legend and still keep a good attitude about spending the rest of my life in prison.


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Andrew Sutton #A391110 - Primary Picture
London, Ohio42Straight


My name is Andrew.  I’m 42 years old and I’ve been incarcerated since 1999.   I’m looking for people to talk to and hopefully build a friendship with. 

If you’re interest in learning more about me you can email me at

Thank you.


Sergio Miranda #AA-4895 - Primary Picture
Crescent City, California31Straight

My name is Sergio, for the last 12 years I’ve been incarcerated in numerous maximum security prisons throughout the State of California. During the last couple years I’ve been able to remain disciplinary free and transformed my life, I’ve been focused on further educating myself and taking advantage of my time. Recently the State of California has passed numerous Senate bills/laws that gave...

LIma, Ohio53Straight

Hey What’s Up?

My name is Dale.  I am doing my time here at the facility listed on my profile and I am looking for someone nice to correspond with.  I like some Country and Rock music.  Some of my hobbies are doing things outdoors, hiking, camping, going to the movies.  I just like enjoying life and having fun.  I also can draw some and like to cook. ...

Cumberland, Maryland40Straight


My name is John.  Since I've been locked up I always try to better myself.  I earned my GED a few years ago and I continue to be interested in educating myself.

Exercise is very important in my life - it helps me feel good about myself physically and mentally.  I don't want my mind to drift away.  I want to be ready for whatever may happen down the...

Joseph Dixon #208552 - Primary Picture
Lennox Township, Michigan51Straight
African AmericanChristian

Hello there. My name is Joseph Dixon, I am 51 years young and an aspiring minister for Jesus Christ with countless studies and sermons to my portfolio.

Throughout my time of incarceration, I have managed to keep myself busy. I have been a personal trainer to hundreds of individuals, I have 6 movie scripts that are all copyright with the library of congress and I've written several...

Stormville, New York32Straight

Hi, my name is Jahteek. Friends call me Jah.

I have a very easy going personality once you get to know me. I’m friendly and have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and have fun but I also know how to be serious and hold an intelligent conversation. I’ve been through a lot so my experience made me patient, considerate, understanding, and caring.

My hobbies consist of...

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Chowchilla, California31Bi-sexual

Hello, My name is Dayshawna but I prefer to be called Daysha.

I am a college educated 31-year-old woman of West Indian descent in search of a good friend to converse. I enjoy music, poetry, and exploring my creative side. I am a woman who believes that aside from our mistakes in life, we all deserve a second chance and I hope to find someone willing to give me that and maybe we...

Concord, Massachusetts32Straight

Life is full of surprises, either good or bad, depending on what you make out of it.  I never thought I would be in prison serving a life sentence or even on a prison website.  It has been a tough battle, but I am fighting to overturn my wrongful conviction and pray to be free one day.

Before I came to prison, I enjoyed doing the simple things in life.  I love the summer...

Angel Denis #G28719Primary Picture
Tehachapi, California30Straight

Hey, what's up?

Thank you so much for your precious time spent on my profile. I count it an absolute blessing that you would have interest and would enjoy sharing quality time getting to know you. I genuinely hope you and your loved ones are in great health and spirits.

My name is Angel. I'm 6'2 tall, a solid 205 lbs. I'm of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. I was born in...

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Nathaniel McCoy #1720311 - Primary Picture
Dillwyn, Virginia25Straight
African AmericanNon-denominational

I go by the Name T.R.U (True to the game, Respect the hustle, and Unknown to bull shit).

I'm a loving. caring, and compassionate individual. I'm family and career oriented. I can be spontaneous. I'm very outgoing and love to have fun. I'm an entrepreneur/investor that is looking for someone like minded to grow with and succeed. I'm better than my pass.

I'm reaching for better...

Phillip Ryan Franke #AH5729 - Primary Picture
Jamestown, California32Straight

Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m 32 years old. I’ve been in prison for a decade and am looking to make new friends.

After making some costly mistakes in my younger years, I’m trying to surround myself with good people who can help me grow as a person, who I can learn from, and hopefully, I can ultimately build a strong relationship with. Before prison, I fought for my country as a soldier...

Iowa Park, Texas31Straight

First off, I would like to say THANKS for taking your time to read my profile. I enjoy getting to know different people with their own unique backgrounds, their perspective on things, their experiences.

Some of the characteristics that best define my persona are: optimistic, authentic, pragmatic and receptive. I spend my leisure time improving myself, socializing with positive minded...

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Jamestown, California29Straight

Dear ladies, before I start let me say that by the end of this intro I hope you have a better understanding of the man behind the pen. Also, I hope these words reach your ears and if nothing else, give you a reason to smile.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Charles Kevin Canfield Jr, but my friends call my Kevin. I'm a 29 years old white man, 5'10", and 190 lbs. I have brown hair,...

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Livingston, Texas34Straight


My name is Tommy.  I'm hoping to meet some new friends with positive vibes to help me do this time that I am doing.

I'm very open minded and have a positive outlook on things.  Yeah, we all make some bad choices in life!  It's how we grow and understand our wrong doing to make better and wiser choices when we come home is the key of growth down here....

Marion, Ohio46Straight
African AmericanOther

Hello to all lovely females out there. I’m interested in friendship and conversation; being able to listen to you or someone that will capture my attention. I’m looking to explore down to earth females only. No catfishing please, serious inquiries only.

In return, I’ll be as open as possible with room for us to explore each other and grow together. If you would like to get in...

Fredonia, Kentucky44Straight
African AmericanChristian

My name is Brennan, I'm 44 years old and from Kentucky.  I've been incarcerated for almost 19 years and could appreciate meeting someone new!

I'm currently a dog trainer and handler in the dog program where we get stray and abused dogs and get them ready and adopted to good homes.   Here you'll see a picture of Brutus and...

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