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Dearest Reader,

Hello, at this time I am seeking out friendship with the option of potential growth. I am sentenced 15-life for a DUI murder/manslaughter.

While I am in these cement walls, I spend my time wisely in education/self-help courses, AA meetings and doing bead work, thus filling my time in a positive direction that will lead me towards completing my goals...One step at a time. I believe putting all this into practice now will be easier for me in society because it has already become a habit. As well as an active member in sweat lodge ceramics and an R.D.A. caregiver.

In between time of classes, programs and meetings, I read a variety of books while listening to a wide range of music (English, Spanish, religious, Pow-wow etc.) I also draw out my own patterns for beading earrings, necklaces, keychains, rosettes and more. About 2 months now I have become a supporter in the Veterans group where I help out those who served our country by lending them 2 ears and a shoulder to lean on as needed.

I prefer the outdoor lifestyle over being inside and enjoy the country/mountains than city life. Nothing like walking through trails, climbing/scaling mountains and cliffs. With me, cooking and eating go hand in hand. I eat more than a single person in one sitting, yet from looking at my pictures all 145 pounds, you could not tell. The 5 traits about me are: persistent, positive, loyal, hard working and traditional.