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Hi Ladies,

My name is Jamison.   I’m 43 years young, 6 foot, 215 pounds, I’m from Dallas Texas.  I’m a man with a sense of humor, free and open to everyone.  I am a shy guy that is still finding his way in life.  I have in recent years had many ups and downs along life’s journey and I feel like I am trying to find some firm ground to help me move past feelings of self-doubt to a more positive view of myself as a person.

I am in search of a special someone who will not judge me for my flaws, but except me for who I am.  I am a man of God and believe that through Him all things are possible.

My interests and hobbies include;  reading, long walks, working out and art.

I’m interested in subjects like Psychology and Sociology.  I try to better my education with everything I do. 

I’m looking to meet genuine people from all walks of life, kind, humble and motivated to have a successful, drama free life.

Please pick up the pen and grow with me.  Hope to hear from you soon.  XOXOXO

Sorry for the bad picture, I’ll get a better one put up ASAP.