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Hello world, it’s me, Sincere, well that’s what my friends call me. This is my first time on a pen pal website so please take it light on me LOL. I’m just looking for someone to kick it with, some positive energy. I have been locked up since I was 15 years old, I’m 40 now, on my way out the door this year. Hoping to establish some type of citizenship in this world and I’m not hung up on asking for help. I’m a man so therefore a man must ask for help when he needs it.

There are 3 things I look for in a person; trust, honesty and appreciation. Also loyalty, so I’ll say 4 and those are 4 things that I give. I’m very laid back, open minded and very respectful of things such as the next person’s opinion whether we agree or disagree. I have a beautiful character, I think and I have been told a winning personality as well. I’m a good looking dude, I stand about 5’9”, 177 pounds, a lil dark brown skin. I don’t have any pictures of myself, I don’t get visits but you should be able to get my prison photograph from T.D.C.J. If anybody should JPAY me, please put your address in the JPAY so that I can write back. With that said, one love.

Sherman T. Johns