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Thank you for your interest. This is my first time doing something like this, so excuse my awkwardness.

I am getting out next year, but right now need real friends. To start with, I have no other criminal history besides this and you can judge for yourself if this is fair, see below. I’m told that I should describe myself as friendly, funny, smart, generous, thoughtful, dependable, trustworthy, loyal, a good friend. I am a computer programmer. I enjoy laughing, having fun. I love to travel and get to know the real culture and people of the places I visit. Deep inside I’m a real introvert, an absentminded professor – but I’m very good at being social. I love to hear about other people’s lives and views. I ponder the big questions and am fascinated to explore different viewpoints and possibilities. Everything from “Why are we here” to Aliens to Ghosts to Quantum Physics to Magic. I’ve never belonged to just one group or social class – instead I’ve always had friends and been accepted almost anywhere I go, in any group. I’m an avid reader, love going to the movies or binging a good series, going hiking or to the beach, concerts, good plays and shows.

I’m in Delaware, so I have friends and family come stay with me and I take them to New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore. My favorite cities (in no order) are New York, Las Vegas, Luxembourg, Key West, Orlando and Tijuana. After a couple years in jail my wife divorced me in an effort to win control of my company and money and failed. In the process she destroyed me to our kids, so now I’m alone, starting over, creating a new life. And starting anew means I’m looking for new friends, worldwide. As to my crime: Do you feel I should be sentenced 10 years for my crime? If you do, you might want to send me hate mail instead. Believe it or not, I’d be very interested in your views and respond (nicely). I just pray nothing like this happens to any of you. One final thing, I am dedicated to creating a new society serving companies and websites/apps that help:

  1. To create prison conditions that offer real rehabilitation, instead of an environment that creates justifiable mistrust in authority and emulates a criminal lifestyle instead of a structured, society contributing one.
  2. To help sexually harassed women who cannot stand up openly for fear of real retribution, losing their jobs and income, being blacklisted.
  3. To help inner city youth avoid jail by finding real alternative life paths that help them truly succeed, regardless of their backgrounds.

If you knew me you’d know I’ll be doing these and a lot more. So I would especially welcome friends who have interest in or wish to help me in these endeavors, either as like-minded supporters, volunteers, programmers or financial backers. I’d be especially interested in hearing your stories or opinions. Oh, I guess I should add that I will also be fighting to help others in similar conditions as mine. There are real monsters in this world, I’ve met them in here. Pray that you don’t. We need good laws to protect our children from them. But these laws must catch them, only.

I really hope to hear from you, whatever your opinions, I wish you well.