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“RICH AND LONELY”…Just kidding, did I get  your attention? I’m only joking about being rich, because I am lonely.

To be honest, I’d love the opportunity to meet new people. Why not? So anyone who would like to take a chance on meeting someone new, step up? You just don’t know what you might find. “If you need someone just to talk to, well, I’m the man”. If you need/want someone to joke around with and cut up, I’m your man. Who knows, we might click and become good friends? At the end of the day, we all need a few great friends.

I’m gonna tell you a bit about myself. I’m from Dallas, Texas. So yeah, you already know, I’m a HUGE DALLAS COWBOYS FAN! I love sports! All of them, I also love my Mavs, Stars and Rangers. (I’m a hometown fan).

This next piece of info may sound funny but my favorite TV show is G.H. (General Hospital). “Yes”, the soap! Been watching it for 20 years. Movies? Love them all, favorites are drama, comedy and action. Best movie star of all time would be Robert DeNiro. I love history too, can talk about it forever, but at the end of the day, I’m just a regular Joe. “A nice guy”. (I just hope I don’t finish last) LOL :)

Beware and write back at your own risk…Be careful, I’m trouble! Wink! :)

Whoever you may be, I look forward to hearing from you. Before I end, let me leave you with a quote I recently heard and really like: “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery. Today, is a gift…That’s why we call it the present”.

Anticipating your letter.



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