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My words are creative and empowering. I can make others happy and in return, I might be happy. I'm not happy, oh no. Alright and happy are not one and the same. My heart has softened but gained the strength to release what my mind refused to believe. I guess you could say I'm a bit free! (inside) If you know what I mean. I am ready for anything the free life can throw at me.

Wanted - one good hearted woman to forgive imperfection in the man that she loves, I'll do the rest. To all who've stayed near to me. Thank you very much! I will bless you with love and kindness. Support you always like the family we are. Also, I will present you with a position of importance in "our" empire. Because, if it hadn't been for the times you motivated me to keep my head up we wouldn't be where we are today. So, yes, It Is our empire!

Thank You,

Anthony Sean Duke