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Hello World… I wish all peace and prosperity.

I just want to be great! Successful! A man of truth, trust worthy, honor, and respect. I try to reflect all that I admire and aspire to be. Though wrongfully convicted, I accept this time as an opportunity to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually in every aspect. Study my higher and lower self, in order to better myself in every way. Thankfully, my case is in the Appellate Court as I write this profile and I could be home any day. All prayers are deeply appreciated.

Growing up in Chicago has been rough and I could write a book on my ups and downs, failures and achievements, mistakes, as well as lessons I’ve learned. I am a God fearing man of integrity and thanks to WriteAPrisoner, maybe I can find friends to correspond with on all levels.

My nicknames are Rocky and Ra-RA, either-or is fine. I love to write, music, movies, sitcoms, and letters. I’m an avid reader, workout 5 days a week, and I love to cook. I’ve been told I’m an excellent cook! I’ve very clean, open, and honest. I absolutely love life, dogs, and traveling! I cannot wait to return to society a better man, productive and ready to positively impact the world.

Thank you for your time, and blessings to all and your families.