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My name is Arron Wieland. I am 6'1" tall, weigh 180lbs, and have hazel eyes. I am a white male looking for single friends to share letters with and build new friendships. Overall, I am a positive-minded person who can be introverted but also extroverted when needed. Some of the qualities I can share are loyalty, honesty, compassion, and a good sense of humor.

Some of the things I enjoy are music, exercising, reading positive self-help books, and working to stay better than yesterday. I have learned from my past bad choices and have become a better person inside today. Age, race, and weight are not important factors; it's the openness of your mind that matters.

So, if you are an open-minded person willing to give me a chance, feel free to ask me any questions you want. I would love to make your day and provide answers. Till we meet, stay safe and healthy.

Respectfully, Arron Wieland