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First off I would like to say Happy New Year’s out there.  I would like to start this new year off with some new friends.

My name is Lorenzo and I’m in a very dark situation and I’m looking for a friend to shine some light my way.  I like to talk and I’m a very good listener, I take in consideration other people’s feelings before mine.  I like to be there for my friends if needed and would like to have the same, but it’s hard at times to find that.  Everybody loves sunny days but I’m looking for a friend who can stand the rainy days too.

I‘m 28 years old, I am a Cancer, I like ancient history, funny and scary movies, I enjoy a lot of Soul and R & B music and a little bit of Rap.  My favorite artists are; Trey Songz, Aliyal Anita Baker and Sade, to name a few.  My favorite rap artist is lil Durk.

I wanna appreciate your time and you listening to my thoughts.  I hope to hear back from you my friend…..