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Hello and Good day,

So I have 250 words to introduce myself – OH what to talk about.  (smiles)  Likes, dislikes, food, weather, my future predictions for lottery numbers.  LOL.

I think I’ll just be me and that way whoever reads my profile will know that they can just be themselves.  How’s that for breaking the ice?

So about me; well, I’m 36 years old, and yes I am guilty of possessing a Firearm.  I know I must accept responsibility for my actions in order to build and change my life.  My main focus while doing this time it is to come out of prison with a positive attitude and a hunger to enjoy life.  I do believe in a higher power and am very open-minded to other beliefs.

As for hobbies, well, I sign up for classes in prison, HVAC, drawing and beading.  I enjoy learning new things, well, bettering myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

My intentions with signing up on Write A Prisoner.com, is in hopes to meet new people and make some new friends in life.  I want to be able to maintain a relationship with the outside world, as one day hopefully sooner than later, I will once again be in the real world and not stuck in this box.  One day at a time I make the best out of my days.  (Smile)

That’s some of my story, what’s yours?  Hope to hear from you.

Take care and be good. 

Jonathan Meier