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Hi everyone! Here are some things about me an my past an future life. Born an raised in Southeast Alabama, I am a only child. I'm a people person an get along with anyone an everyone an enjoy meeting new people. In the past I've farmed an been around animals, been in shipping an receiving, customer service, retail. I have a Class A CDL I drove semi-trucks an have been to every state. I've worked on the oil rigs as a Chief an have been to a few different countries working on the oil rigs.

I have a Culinary Arts Degree. I enjoy cooking, making something out of nothing, an making people happy. I am really a jack of all trades an can do just about anything an enjoy learning new stuff.

I enjoy moding diesel trucks anything with a motor fast cars. I enjoy the outdoors, swimming, fishing, hunting,  anything nature in general. I enjoy life an living. Love to shoot pool, shopping, hanging out with friends, meeting new people. I enjoy decorating an designing things as well. Love anything that'll get the adrenalin pumping.

I am open an honest an will give the shirt off my back to anyone in need. I'm outgoing, caring, loving, honest, and truthful. I am an open book.

I enjoy old movies an new classic rock, country, rap, pop; all really.

I do have a 7 yo daughter an she is my pride an joy, My mom an dad have her until I return home, My wife passed away while giving birth. I'm looking to live aboard when I get out an starting over...begin a new chapter in life an move on a be someone new.  

I don't care about size, color, of any one...I enjoy meeting an talking to new people. I will answer any an all who choose to write to me. It does get lonely in here an I always look forward to emailing or writing letters or talking on the phone.

I help others in here earn an Education GED an teach other classes. I am a cook for the officers here while incarcerated. I've done some more college course as well while being locked up;  laws are changing an I could be out sooner but as of right now its not it'll 2026.

So there is some more about me.

If you're up to it an willing to meet someone new, send me a letter or an email  and I will reply to all letters/messages..

My email is  wcameron1035@emailinterface.org When I write back, sometime it'll go to your junk/spam mail so check there at times.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Have a great day!