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Hi, hope all is well. My name is Demetrius McCall. A lot of people call me by my nickname Big Meach or Meach. I’m here seeking friendship from cool people out there. I’m a laid back type of man that is easy to get along with and treat people on how I like to be treated. With that being said, I don’t judge anyone. Only God can do that. I’m a God fearing man that believes in God and puts Him first in my life. I’m a good looking Black man that’s approachable to anyone that comes before my presence. God said love everyone and that’s how I live life. I keep a positive attitude with a good sense of humor.

While I’ve been incarcerated I have completed Barber school and Business Management. If interested you can write me or email me on JPAY inmate #752-034. You must download the JPAY app to email me. Alright, take care and have a blessed day and hope to hear back from you soon on

P.S. I’m from Mobile, Alabama but live in Akron, Ohio now. Alright, take care.


Big Meach…