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My name is Robby and I am a down to earth, confident and positive guy.  I'm creating a profile on here to hopefully find and make friendships with positive people.  I'm a tattoo artist and very ambitious about pursuing my art skills and creating a successful career out of it.  I plan on furthering my education after incarceration.  Fine arts and graphic designs are two areas I plan to pursue and major in.  I have a very creative imagination, a personality to match it. 

Aside from my profile picture (only picture of me I have right now), I'm always smiling and laughing.  Will update my profile picture with one of me smiling very soon.  I love music!   Tool, Slipknot, Manson, In the Moment, etc.  I love it all. 

I think it would be cool to custom paint and airbrush my artwork on cars and bikes.  Show the world my artwork one piece at a time.  My favorite color is clear and I like the taste of water.  I'm gonna be anxiously waiting on a response from anyone reading my profile.  Yes, you I'd love to hear from you.