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Thank you for checking out my profile.  Although I have many female friends; 23 years of female conversation is enough!  I am seeking a male Christian pen pal as I'd like to get re acquainted with a man's perspective on life.  45 years on up in age preferred 'cause I'm 53.

My life is centered around Christ and the work He has put before me.  Prison is an excellent mission field with a never ending supply of lost people.

My mantra is….this may be the only life I have so I want it to be worthwhile, fun and have purpose.

I stay active, am told I'm funny, and keep a positive attitude.

I love Christ, my family, music, minions, writing, singing, dancing, learning, hard work, integrity in myself and others.  Fun days, quiet nights and finding out what makes people who/what they are.

Due to MDOC policy, your return address must be included in your letter.  We don't receive the envelopes mail comes in.  You can also reach me at Jpay.com.

I appreciate every moment of life and know that everything I am and have is a gift from my heavenly Papa.

Love to hear from you,