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Thanks for taking your time to check out my profile. I'd first like to say I'm not on here looking for handouts or pity. I'm here to hopefully find down-to-earth people who'd like to have meaningful conversations to pass the time and maybe grow a friendship! 

Yes, I have a past, which comes with a horrible mistake that has cost me greatly. I choose not to hide my past, but instead expose it through sharing my story to help prevent others from being hurt. I refuse to live in the past and have decided to no longer beat myself up but to move on. 

I have lived in San Antonio, Texas my whole life and enjoy spending time on the Riverwalk and just being outdoors. 

My favorite thing to do is barbecue with a nice cold beer or sit on the beach while spending time with my family. I love to hunt and fish and have done both since I was a kid with my pops. 

During my whole incarceration, up until now, I had a wonderful girl friend who just got tired of waiting and couldn't do it anymore. Thanks to my family and my best friend, whom I have met in prison, I've moved on in a positive way and will strive to keep bettering myself for the rest of my life. 

If you'd like to know more about me, send a letter or a JPay with your address (put your address in the body of the message). I also have a good ear!