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My name is Antonio Barnes. You can call me Tony. 

I'm the author of "Prison is Not a Playground", and "Bullying is Not a Playground Game", Blogger "Giveyourselfachanceblog.wordpress.com". 

Sous chef, specializing cake decorating, amateur masseuse, founder of SOS (Save Our Selves), a program utilized as a coping mechanism for inmates, and working on SO Schools Save Our Schools and youth advocate. I'm the bird that was depicted in the HBO hit series "The Wire". 

I love writing, working out, reading, and helping people. Race or religion, doesn't matter. Looks are skin deep, it's what's in the heart that matters to me! 

So, share some your wisdom with me. I know you have some to share. I'm waiting. 35 to 60.
In simple language, I'm not with games. I'm on mature times, my email is abarnes1037@emailinterface.org residing in San Francisco or Charlotte NC area. Music old school R&B, Little Country, Soft Rock, Jazz. 

A thought of to day from me; "Try not to become a person of habits, but a person of value!" Very important. 
A great pleasure in life is doing things that make a difference! 

Songs to listen to: Trish Yearwood, "How Do I Live" and Brian Culbertson "You're My Music". 

PS let's make music.