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Seeking friends to communicate with in all areas of life, for it is said that communication is the key to life and that it is truly through others that we learn of ourselves. I am a 57 year old young man that’s in great physical shape that’s into most sports. I’m 6’3” tall and weigh 228 pounds. I love to travel by car, have flown but not really into airplane flights. I love music; R&B, some Rap and I love to dance. I’m into all kinds of scenes. I am not shy and am very outgoing. I tell people that I am very thoughtful and considerate but then again I am where I am at, but for the most part I try to be considerate to the people in my life. I write poetry and I love putting smiles on people’s faces. So if there is something I can do to be a factor or inspiration in anyone’s life, it will be my pleasure, for I would love to give back some of the kindness that’s been given unto me throughout my life.

For as I see it, I am blessed as I still have all my family behind me, the friendships from childhood I’ve retained and I seek to continue to grow so know that if you are young or in wisdom feel free to write or contact me “get at me” as  I have lived a multi-colored life and I’m looking to keep it as such.

P.S. You can find me on JPAY.com Tony Colbray #129592.

Your new friend,

Tony Colbray