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What’s up? My name is Tyrone. This is new to me but I heard it’s a great way to meet new friends from all walks of life. So I figured I would give it a try. I have no preconceived expectations, so I’m just here to meet new people. I go home in about 9 months and by the time some of you come across my profile I’ll be down to less than that, so I want to spend the remainder of my time getting to know positive, caring people who can understand or relate to my current situation. I actually had a lot of positive things going on in life prior to my incarceration and I’m just ready to get back to who I am and I want to open up to someone who’s willing to get to know me.

I’m an upbeat person and all I want to do is have fun and enjoy life. I look for the positive in every situation. I’ve been a chef and a cook for many years and upon release I plan on opening a food court. I love to play every sport and I used to play semi-professional football. I do everything from fishing to snowboarding but I especially enjoy floating the rivers with friends and family and cook-outs during the summer. My life is a movie and I want to share my story with you!