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I’m looking for a female to communicate with that has a good head on her shoulders and who enjoys the company of a smart and sincere man. I’m not looking for a sponsor nor am I desperate, so I do have standards. I do believe there is a higher being, but I’m not tied to a particular religion, so I say I’m spiritual.

I’m totally single and I have no kids. I’m looking for someone mature and at least 28 years old. I don’t care where you’re located or your race, it’s the connection that matters to me. I’ve been called loving, caring, generous, intelligent, understanding, and other things. You can just sum it up as being a responsible adult.

Let’s build something real. I have an addictive personality with no addictions! I don’t do drugs or drink. I stay focused at all times.

I'm not going to write a lot of women to feed my ego. I do like the smell of a woman via snail mail. I will use snail mail. I'm not a burden on any level!

I have only been single and able to mingle for six months.


As of 5/24/2020, I still have not found what I'm looking for, so hit me up!   I will be relocating to Southern California soon.   You can write me through Jpay letters too.    Don't forget to include your address.