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My name is Gary Roy. I am currently serving a 28 year to life sentence for committing the act of 2nd degree murder.

Following a day of drinking, I ended up arguing with someone over jealousy and cheating allegations, with myself being the accuser. Hurtful things were said and the next thing I know, I lost my sense of thought and ended up taking a life. I live each day with much remorse and regret for my actions. I hurt my family, their family as well as others dear to me in life. I accept my punishment and I am guilty and I am not sorry for myself.

I would like a female friend to write to and fro with. Not seeking money, love or favors. Just an honest friendship. I’d like to talk of being at an ocean, listening to 70-80’s Rock, driving down a country road toward the end of Autumn. A good listener I am.