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Greetings. Welcome to my bio!

I'm Felton DeShone White and I just turned 40. I'm 5' 6", 200 pounds, physically fit, and I enjoy boxing/MMA training! I am healthy, mentally sound, and emotionally stable.

However, I am ready to meet great people, beauty is skin deep! People who are honest, patient, and consistent. I am nonjudgmental. I believe we become who we are moment by moment by the choices we make fueled by our actions.

With that known fact, we possess the power of thought to change our inner conditions and outer realities to some degree. I am a tentative to the express of others self-worth! So, you are in good company.

I am passionate in utilizing my affectionate side to righteously co-exist with women to their purposes to empower them. No nation of people can rise any higher than its women!

While incarcerated, I have mentored young men by encouraging authentic manhood and helping them get their GED's, Rehabilitation classes, ect. I have obtained my GED and some college. I will continue my associate’s degree in chemical dependency counseling.

I spend most of my time researching law. My case is back on appeal currently awaiting authorization from the 5th

Circuit Court of Appeals to file my second appeal challenging the court for a lack of jurisdiction, double jeopardy, invalid plea, void judgment, and ineffective assistance of counsel, ect.

Blessings and I hope to hear from you guys soon.