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My name is Joshua Jennings, I go by Josh.  I'm 33 years old, I'm from a small town so I'm a country boy at heart.  I love mudding on 4 Wheelers or 4 by 4 trucks.

I'm doing 10 years for shoving my ex out of my way so I could leave!  I work on oil rigs when I'm out of prison!  I enjoy all things outdoors.  I have a lot of tattoos and a tongue piercing! 

I'm very cool and laid back, don't really have the quick temper of the average Irish person.

I'm looking for people to write to help pass the time.  I'm not seeking someone to support me, I have my own money!  

If you use Jpay to reach out to me please include your address cause in TDC-J  inmates can only use snail mail.  With that, I'm going to leave and hope to find some good friends.