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It has been my nickname since I was a small boy and still holds true today as I am “like a gang of bulls”.  I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, exercising, swimming, playing sports….anything outdoors!   If I was a pooch I'd be an outdoor dog….not a lapdog!!   (smile) 

I love music and have been referred to as a walking jukebox.  I am a Virgo and my sign’s align.  I have FREEBIRD tattooed across the top of my back and if you know the song it's me, a traveler, a people person who loves life and to share it with other open minded people. 

If you enjoy showing your pearly whites give me the chance to make them glimmer.  Take a leap of faith, get to know this outside dog.  Jpay is the easiest means of communication for me.

Excited to get to know you!

Brian Bowyer