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Greetings Potential Friend,

My name is William Johnson and I'm currently serving a life sentence at a facility located in Maryland. I have been incarcerated for 14 years and I'm currently in court on a mission to regain my freedom.

I am 43 years old, 5' 9", and 180 pounds. I enjoy working out, reading, and pursuing education. I am a current student at the Anne Arundel Community College.

I am a firm believer of change because no one should allow their past mistakes to define and dictate who they are and what direction their future goes in.

Before I go any further, I would like to explain what friendship means to me so you can have a full understanding of what I have to offer and what it is that I expect from you, if you decide that I am someone you would be willing to build a friendship with.

The foundation to every long lasting friendship is always built on values and principles of commonality, an eagerness to learn from one another, an open and willingness to intimately listen and reciprocate ideas, a determined desire to become familiar with each other's boundaries, and a genuine desire and concern to provide, preserve, protect, and perpetuate a friendship around understanding, security, and trust.

Without these components, the entire structure of the friendship becomes weak and unbalanced.

I live my life according to these 11 principles: Truth, Justice, Order, Balance, Harmony, Righteousness, Reciprocity, Compassion, Sobriety, Love, and Peace. I strive to uphold them in all that I think, say, feel, and do.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon so I can let you know more about myself.


Your New Friend