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Hello Ladies,

My name is Glenford Willis, but my family and friends address me as Glen.  I'm a down to earth, open minded, non-judgmental gentleman who’s dedicated to what I believe in and making the most out of any situation. 

I enjoy reading, writing, exercising and staying positive.  Life's too short for so much negativity so I strive to stay positive regardless of the trials and tribulations I've experienced throughout my life.  I sometimes astound myself with the ability I have to overcome extraordinary obstacles and meet every day with fresh optimism.

I have been incarcerated 14 years with 2 years ahead of me.  I must be honest, my journey has been quite lonely with no one to confide in other than my family.  I am truly grateful to have a loving, caring, supportive family that has stood behind me my entire incarceration; however considering I'm soon to be released, I'm hoping to meet someone I can build a loving, caring, friendship with.

Well I hope I was able to grasp someone's attention who's willing to know more.  Take care, and thank you for your time.