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Hello Ladies!

How are things out there in this crazy world we live in? Exciting, huh? Maybe even for the wrong reasons?

Well in here it is immensely boring, hence my reason for reaching out to you! Clearly the world has lost its mind. So perhaps through our correspondence I can live vicariously through you? Don’t let my looks fool you, i can hold my own in any conversation or any room.

I may be the poster child for the term “Bad Boy” but I’ve grown through my experience to be a good man.

With that being said, if you wanna waste some time and a few bucks on stamps, then jump on my JPAY and give me 3 letters. If after those 3 letters, you don’t find me absolutely adorable, then you can erase me from you JPAY and forever from your heart! :)

I look forward to hearing from you and I leave you with this dad joke: “What do you call an alligator with a vest on? An investigator! :)