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Life is full of unexpected events, some more favorable than others. Unfortunately, my current situation is a consequence of poor choices and an unexpected event that I'm trying to remedy. Nevertheless, my faults don't define the person I am at heart. My integrity is never questioned, and my values are founded on the experiences I've endured and those I've come to appreciate. But don't believe all the hype you see in movies and on TV; although this place is no gladiator school either. 

However, this is definitely a world devoid of intimacy and compassion. You take for granted the healing properties of a hug until you end up in a place like this. I don't want to take those things for granted anymore. Lately, my life has felt like one big storm upon the choppiest waters, feeling lost and hollow, searching for refuge but coming up short every time. The prospect of finding someone genuine to correspond with on a simple, sincere level feels like hope on the horizon.

In the end, there's so much more to me. So maybe I've "confiscated" your attention/interest (see what I did there?) and given you enough incentive to want to see if there's more to me than what you're reading (here's a hint: THERE IS!). If so, I promise you won't be disappointed. If I planted a seed, then let's nourish it together. Otherwise, it will never grow. And if it doesn't, who knows what we both might've missed out on? Because even out of concrete, the most amazing rose can blossom!