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Often times a man’s destiny may be dependent on one event, one decision, one circumstance, a momentous instance that ultimately serves as a life sustaining mile stone in his life's story.   I personally believe that fate is fashioned in such a way that life provides exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. 
With that perspective in mind, I decided to give this service a try with hopes of connection with genuine people with whom I can inspire and be inspired by on my path to redemption.   In spite of the circumstances I am currently forced to endure, I am at peace with being exactly where I need to be in order to learn to evaluate events with wiser perspective that was beyond my thought process in the past.   

In taking the time to learn from who I was, am, and I am becoming, I’ve reached the conclusion that in order to continue to feed the wealth of character that has thus far been instilled within me it is a must that I surround myself with positive influences willing to be true friends and help me grounded in every aspect of my life. A little encouragement and consideration can go along with appreciatively humble people. 

With that being said, I’ll share a little bit about myself and my interests.   I’m a straightforward, serious but easy-going, open minded, intellectual with a caring soul and warm heart.   I balance my time with problem-solving reflection, novel/screen writing, studying self publishing and exercising.   

James C. Lewis