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As a child I grew up with dreams of being a Country artist. Singing is something I have always been good at. As an adult I made a poor decision. I have decided to change some things; such as people, places and things. For that, I am seeking friends, people to start a different chapter in my life. I hope that is you!

As a result of my poor decisions, I have landed myself in prison. A place I’m not proud to be. But the place I am on the inside I am beginning to be proud of, as well as the person I am still to be upon release. I am anxious to start anew. I have no children. I am looking forward to being a number 1 uncle to my nephews and niece whom I have yet to meet. I am also excited about being a better brother and son in the life of my family.

I’m hoping that I struck a chord with you. I look forward to telling you more about myself and getting to know you as well.


"Also, if you do decide to use JPay to contact me, please include your return address in the body of the message, otherwise I won't be able to write you back."