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My name is Tracy Thaddeus Rejba. I have had various different experiences in my life and have made many mistakes but I have also learned many lessons. I have done bad things but I am not a bad person.

I consider myself to be a Christian and pray a lot. I love any animals but especially dogs. I love sports, football is my favorite and my team since childhood is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I like history especially any Civil War history. I like to read books and watch movies. I have beautiful children, two daughters and a son that I love very much.

I am interested in expanding my horizons and meeting new people and I do like to write! I am a hard worker and consider my self to be of average intelligence. I am actually a pretty good cook and I like to cook. I lift weights and like to stay in the best shape possible.

If you would like to get to know me please write and I promise to write back and get to know you.