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As you already know, my name is Sammy James Ratliff. I'm in prison for selling meth and heroin. This is what you don't know. I'm from Richmond, KY. I would love to leave my old life behind. Be swept off my feet by a beautiful loving person who believes in love and first sight. Someone who would want nothing more out of life but to enjoy me and the happiness I can provide for them!

I'm 6' and 210 lbs and have been told I could steal someone's breath away with my bright beautiful smile! I love to laugh, smile, and face life on a daily basis with good vibes and positivity! I like to watch movies, and go on long walks and basically just enjoy time with someone who loves to have me in their presence! I am very loyal and honest and someone who writes me MUST possess the same qualities.

I am looking for friendships but a long lasting relationship could always be a plus. I just want to be happy and hope to make that special someone feel the same!