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Are you an enlightened, kind spirit looking for something beyond superficial conversation and head games, then look no further. You have stumbled onto a pathway that leads to someone who values genuine friendship. If you are feeling adventurous and open minded then please take another step towards an authentic experience with a good natured soul, a seeker of knowledge who is in search of fun, intelligent interactions. Let your desire to overcome any obstacle lead your way to something new with someone who is ready to appreciate you and your time.

Are you able to sit down and enjoy a good comedy like Kevin Hart’s stand-up? Can you get into a good gangsta flick like Carlito’s Way, Heat or Pulp Fiction? Are you able to allow the soulful Jazz notes of John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” wash away the world around you leaving just you and the one you’re with to fully focus on one another’s needs? If so, then we already have something in common.

I’m interested in connecting with diverse, well rounded individuals interested in the same. I spend much of my time drawing, reading, writing and watching sports. When I’m not knocking out my college work, capitalizing on this time behind bars and brick, under lock and key, yeah, always looking to make the most out of my situation.

I’ll end on this note; May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you humble, and enough hope to keep you faithful.