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My name is Karen.  I won't bore you with a long, drawn out profile and introduction; however, I will engross you by sharing with you that I'm a sexy, fashionable, educated, fun, and interesting woman.   You may be wondering “Well, why are you incarcerated?”   Truth is…..the media is full of dirty tricks and fake news sales.   So, before you deem me in any form, please try to get to know me.  It'll be like vacationing.

Would you rather board a plane, or travel by automobile?  I encourage the latter.   Flying is the fast efficient method.   By means of vehicle we are presented the opportunity to stop, see and learn things along the way.   A perfect time to acquire memories!    If you're up for the journey…..let's ride.  

My projected release date is 2-12-22.   My halfway house date is 8-13-22.

Notice:  If you write me, you must include your postal mailing address and your email information so that I can add you to my approved mailing list.  I can email you through www.corrlinks.com once you are added to my mailing list.