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For That Special someone


My name is Fabian.  I'm looking to correspond with a female companion.  I have brown skin and brown colored eyes, 5’ 6” tall and I am an open minded person who is seeking genuine friendship.

I enjoy books and movies, being able to share a little bit of life, laughter and conversation through the mail.  I have an amazing sense of humor and I love to laugh.  I value a smile and appreciate the person who can put a smile on my face through these difficult times.  We all have different journeys in life and unfortunately this is my current one, but that does not mean that I cannot have some fun and get to know some new people.

I've been through some tough times, but who hasn't?  Right?   I've learned that we only grow stronger through them and they build our character.  I can assure you though that through our future conversations and correspondence, you will see a part of me that really matters most.  I wouldn't call myself too superficial, but as long as we connect even to have some great conversations.  I would not mind at all your company through mail.

Life is a mystery and I'm all about taking chances….just like the one here.   I hope I sparked an interest and hear back from you.

Any topic, anything at all on your mind - I'm more than willing to listen and provide any kind of spiritual or mental support you may need.

Best wishes.   Hope to hear from you soon.