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My name is Isaac.  To those reading, I appreciate you taking the time to let me introduce myself.  I'm 24 years old (Gemini), I'm Mexican and Samoan, raised in a small city named Moreno Valley.  

I'm currently serving time for a game related shoot that I truly do regret.   I don't participate in gang related activities and I'm on a more conducive path in life to become a better person.   I'm working on getting a Business Management Degree, so I can have a bit of a head start on things when I touch back down on those streets.

Also, I'm looking for new friends, someone who's outgoing with a wide-framed mindset and easy to converse with and help break up some of my time no matter age, race, or Creed.  I love meeting new people and I like to try new things and have fun!

If you need a friend to talk to, I'm a great listener - I can be passionate.  I'm a big heart throb.  I hope to have sparked some interest and maybe I get a line or two from you.