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Ok, so this is my bio. This is somewhere along the lines of what I want to say. So make sure that you keep an open mind. But yo, this intro was really tough. Real Talk! I had to ask people to describe my personality in their own words. It was a good project though. Anyway, let’s get to the bio.

Let me start off by telling you a little about myself. My background is Puerto Rican but I’m Brooklyn born to be exact. I really don’t know what to say about my personality. After everything and in my opinion, I am an easygoing, optimistic, adventurous and a funny person. I love to laugh. I get along well with most people. I enjoy anything and everything. I’m sincere. I love to listen as well and help others. I am a very determined person with high goals to accomplish. I’m still working on some and some I have reached. I’m pretty cool but most of all I’m down to earth. My life and personality are open to you. Any questions, comments and/or feelings you’d like to share, feel free to hit me back.

I speak Spanish. Sports: I am a hell of an athlete. That’s funny but for real. I love to play sports. You name it, I have probably played it.

*Note: You can also contact me through Corrlinks.com. It is so much easier.