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Please excuse me for intruding into your life in this form of manner, as I sit in the center of adversity. I’m in search of a real, true friend. Someone who can truly understand me and that’s willing not to be judgmental of my situation.

I am 44 years of age and not into looks or age. It’s what’s in the heart that really matters! I am very open-minded and could sit here and write a full page of hobbies. But the most important thing I love to do is put a smile on somebody’s face! I spend a lot of my time on my artwork. I have been a tattoo artist for a very long time. I speak volumes through my art! I would like to share myself and my artwork. I have a very big heart and my glass is always full.

I hope I’ve struck some interest and you would like to get to know me. Maybe in the future give each other a shoulder, because that’s what friends are for! Smile, stay positive, and stay safe.

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Thank you! Yours truly, Byron