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My name is Michael Brown #463461, what’s yours? So I am currently serving a life sentence, however I don’t let my situation defined me! I still feel I have much to offer the world and the people in it. I was born and raised in Pontiac Michigan and I am 34 years old.

Some of my interests are music, reading, writing, many different sports, snowboarding, and golf. But I have a big passion for animals. I am silly when I want to be, serious when necessary and I have a down to earth funny personality. I am diverse on many topics and I enjoy intellectual conversations. I am very open-minded and I love to travel.

I’m here looking for a friend who has similar qualities that wants to build with someone who will always be honest no matter the circumstances. Also, when I am granted a second chance at life we’ve created a beautiful friendship that I would like to continue. I’m also learning how to read and write Arabic in my free time. I am a open book and very honest and hopefully you are too.

If you are looking for a friend who can make you laugh and have a deep conversation with then and me on JPay.com by my name in prison number. What are you waiting for?