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Just know you’re already appreciated for awarding me with your time, patience and curiosity. And if you’re looking for a friend, then I’ll be that to the very end. My life is built upon morals and values; respect, family, love and trust are just a few of my core beliefs. I’m the type of person to always have your back and give you the truth in whole; rare and genuine from what I was told, positive energy creates development and improvement through elevation, so I always give encouragement through motivation to friends and others around me and preach “Aim high, make all goals lateral, proceed, achieve and succeed beyond all means, realize your full potential”. I’m not judgmental but, “Actions speak louder than words, just as the more you put in the more you deserve”. Mature for my age, many people seem to think I’m older than I look, I’m told I have an old soul. Very melodramatic, I love being, “Oh so sarcastic”, spontaneous, so I’m…surprising, I’ll keep you laughing.

To tell you more about me and some of the things I enjoy. I’m sweet but not too sweet LOL, very open and love experiencing new things. Right now I’m learning Spanish but feel free to teach me another. Not really the club type, but I’ll go, I’m more of the relaxed setting like a bar or lounge. I’m currently enrolled in Northshore Tech, actively pursuing my Associate’s Degree, I love it. As soon as I graduate I seek to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree and so forth.

I love action and drama movies and music, mainly Hip Hop and R&B but if it’s catchy or a good song, then hey ya know. I actually write a bit of music myself but that’s for another time. Being the extrovert I am, I love being physically active, so in my free time I enjoy activities such as yoga, weight lifting and sports. I also do a bit of physical health training. Other times I read philosophy, psychology, poetry etc. An aspiring writer working on my first book, it’s of Romance Poetry, small entries of motivation and other topics. I’d love to share if you’d like to hear some. I’m also posting 2 poems so you can see.

So in not wanting to give you too much before you actually meet me, I leave you with this, “My situation is not my final destination but the initiation of God’s Plan.” I’ve found faith and I’m diligently working on my case, it’s very promising and I’ll definitely get the results I seek. So remember God is amazing, wonderful, we can and will accomplish all things through Him. We are continuously blessed in many more ways than we can imagine, His love is everlasting.

Hope to hear from you soon.