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Hello, this is my first time on this pen pal site and I am in search of kind-hearted friends who are willing to give me the benefit of the doubt. I’d like women and men of different walks of life to write me. Age, race or gender are not a problem for me. Anyone is welcome to write me. I love cats, dogs and I’m a big outdoors kind of dude. I absolutely would like to hear about your pet.

I have a mother who is my main support system. She is my angel. I’ve managed to survive 11 ½  years of prison life and need 3 ½ until I’m home. Amen to that! I am currently in G4 20 hour lockdown and I would appreciate lots of friends right now. I love to draw, I love music; Rock, Hip Hop and Country.

I’m into reading fantasy books, thrillers and anything spiritual to keep me positive. I hope to get many responses as it is lonely at times for me in G4. Overseas pen pals are definitely welcome to write me.

Please receive my good vibes and hugs to all who have read my profile.

Blessings to all.

"If you do use JPay to contact me, please be sure that your mailing address is in the body of the message or I won’t be able to write you back!”