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Hey Ladies,

My name is Robert.  My friends call me Robert Earl.    I'm a charismatic guy that likes to share laughs, watch sports, watch movies, and cook.   Even though everything I cook these days is in the microwave, my stuff still be “slappin”.  LOL

But yeah, I'm very ambitious; I'm always seeking knowledge, wisdom, and ways to better myself for success.  I'm doing this time, the time is definitely not gonna do me.   You feel me?   I keep my head up and my soldiers squared; I walk with confidence, I keep a smile on my handsome face (well at least my Momma says I'm handsome). LOL

My Momma is my “Favorite girl”, and my daughter is the “Apple of my eye”.  They are where most of my inspiration and motivation stems from.  I want to be the best man that I can be, not just for myself but for them as well.

So, although I'm physically locked up, I will never become mentally or spiritually locked up.  You feel me?

These few years are nothing compared to a lifetime; it's not about how or what I've lost, it's about what I’ve learned and how I will recover.

So yeah, if I sound like someone that you would like to share some of your world with and become friends with, feel free and welcome to contact me.   You can do so by Jpay.com or US Mail.

If you decide to use US Mail, my address is posted on my profile.   Be sure to put your name and return address on the outside and inside on the actual letter so I can write you back.   The MDOC does not allow us to have the envelope our letters come in.   Also you cannot spray perfume or get glitter, etc. on the letters.

The only way to send pictures is through Jpay, or printed out paper pictures thru US Mail.    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MDOC has us practicing social distancing, which is cool with me.   But at this time I have limited access to the kiosk.    So please be patient with my response on JPay.    On the upside, I do get printouts of my JPay pictures and messages daily along with US Mail, 2-3 days a week.

So, in closing, I'm optimistic about meeting some new friends soon.  TTYL.

Robert Earl