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Cyber Friends!

My name is Levert, this is my own recent “Social Distancing” experiment to date using the technology our world has to offer. Actually, it’s hardly enough to describe who I am and what I’m expecting outta this, but here’s a quick snapshot anyway.

Incarcerated 17 ½ years now, finally being released July 28, 2021. Admittedly I’m not perfect but I can say confidently I’ll never repeat this mistake again.

“Criminal Thinking” and “Game Playing” were all left behind years and years ago. Choosing instead to become a college graduate while locked up and a published author too. Please visit: dhinitiative.org/apwa/LevertBrookshire.

These final months I’m preparing for re-entry looking forward to rebuilding a new “social life” with a new “social circle” of friends who also share an appreciation for the lost art of letter writing. Once you’ve downloaded the JPAY.com app to your phone, we can exchange emails too.

I promise a sense of humor, honesty and friendly correspondence while we are getting through this pandemic together. I’m preparing to cherish my next chance at freedom, valuing the simple things in life I’d once taken for granted.

Hopefully I can stand-out in this crowded (pen-pal site) attracting the attention of relatable, interesting, smart pen-pals of all ages, races, religions to start building a bridge of friendship before I’m released.

Thanks for stopping to read this profile, now keep yourselves safe out there by keeping apart awhile. Our future depends on it. Please write/email me.