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Truthfully, I hate introducing myself this way. There’s really nothing I can say in this that would give you a feel for who I really am. But here it goes...

My name is Tyrone Edwards. I like to be called Tye. I’ve been locked up now for 12 years, with just a few more until I’m free. So, until then, I keep myself busy by being into a little bit of everything, mostly creative writing.

I’m here simply because I’m a social person and I like kicking it with people, especially those I can learn from. I’m not looking for a girlfriend or anything. Just a friend, someone interesting to talk to. I have a lot to offer mentally. I can talk about almost anything and I’m a pretty good listener. Now, I could try to squeeze every seemingly interesting detail about myself into this introduction, but I’d rather you learn these things for yourself.

Please don’t forget to leave a return address. Talk to you soon.