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Hello there! I've given a lot of thought as to what I should say in this introduction, and never did I think it would present such a challenge trying to distill myself into 250 words... a very little about me. 

I'm originally from Orange County, California although I've been/lived all over the place. I spent a lot of time gallivanting around adventuring. Never ceasing to be amazed at how beautiful our world is. Growing up I skateboarded and surfed a lot. Seeing as how I was basically born on the beach. I love going to concerts, and music in general. I play guitar so I'm obviously partial to the more guitar centric genres. But there's something to be appreciated in all of them. I'm a huge nerd. I love fantasy overall, but some sci-fi too. Star Wars and Game of Thrones being at the top of both lists.

I'm fairly well read although I've fallen oft lately. Nerd titles number among the most common consumed, but I can hold down some serious reading if I'm interested in the subject. I love CrossFit and I'm in pretty decent shape (especially for an old man of 43) as a result. I've been down for 15 years now. It's shocking to even say but thankfully it hasn't felt as stark as it sounds. I try to stay busy when and where I can. I look forward to meeting you wherever you are.

Please send a return address when using JPay!! Bye for now.