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Hello to you all,

My name is Marshall and I’m interested in making good, positive friends with no limit to our bond that I hope we create. I am the father of two beautiful children, my daughter will be 16 in December and my son turned 10 in May. I have been locked up almost four years and will be released next year for sure. Hopefully by that time I will have found some amazing people to be able to contact and get to meet. I love music, writing, and sports. I’m currently working on an album, a book series and stand-up comedy. I’m very open to new aspects in life. I love thinking outside the box and viewing things and situations from someone else’s shoes or position. I have studied Christianity and Islam. I’ve also been a part of every drug program that I come in contact with while being incarcerated. Drugs are the reason I’m incarcerated and now all I want to really do is speak out to our youth about why not to go down that road, with hopes of saving our youth from the horrible outcomes of dealing with drugs. To teach them about drugs and how the risk outweighs the rewards by far. Maybe even be a coach of some kind of sports team. Either watching or playing, I have a lot of experience and knowledge to impart to our youth and good techniques to teach them. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time!