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Hey there, yeah, you!

I dare you to stop and allow me some of your time & maybe, just maybe, a whole lifetime of loyalty & friendship.

My name is Jason Robinson, most people call me Jason, and I consider myself lucky to have caught your eye and to have you still reading my profile right now. That in itself is a start.

Some of my hobbies are football, basketball, and exercising daily. I love to joke and make others laugh. That makes my day. I love reading. I’m very family oriented. I’m very strong-willed & determined to be a better me. In a world full of chaos, I’d love nothing more than to be a rainbow in someone’s clouds. I do appreciate nothing more than to have you be a part of my life & small circle.

By no means do I discriminate by race, creed, color, height, weight, looks, age, (though above 18 of course) and gender means nothing to me. If you value realness, loyalty, and respect, then we are alike in many ways and it’s possible that you and I can build a true friendship.

I’m here so when life seems to be a little gray and going no so much how you’d like it, please feel free to drop me some lines. I’ll certainly write you back promptly. I’ll be that all-listening ear when your heart’s full. By conversation and through letters hopefully we can get to know each other in a way never dared or attempted, while developing a strong companionship. Please pen your newest friend!

Yours Truly.